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On the occasion of ‘Safer Internet Day’ Google is pushing users to take measures in keeping their online lives safer. In fact, it has even introduced the hashtag #SecurityCheckKiya. While there are a plethora of security measures when it comes to online platforms, here are some simple tips that you can take to strengthen your digital security.

Avoid Apps From Unknown Sources
Most of us have an Android smartphone today, which is also said to be more susceptible to malware and malicious apps when compared to iOS devices. If you do own an Android phone, make sure you download apps from the Google Play Store and ignore pop-up messages from web pages that say things like ‘Your phone is slow, install this app to make it better.’ According to Google, the Play Protect security feature available in most modern Android devices, scans over 50 billion apps every single day, identifying potentially harmful apps and keeping them off your device or removing them.

Beef-up Device Security
Simple things like keeping a security lock with a unique password, and enabling Find My Phone feature can really help in keeping your device safe and secure. Of course, to use the Find My Phone feature, you need to sign into your Google account and enable it. Once enabled, you can visit to locate, ring, lock and erase your Android devices remotely.

Secure Your Account
Most of us rely on Google services, be it Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and so on. This means that your single Google account is linked to a number of services, most of which are gathering data about you. Google offers a security checkup of your Google Account where it gives you personalised and actionable security recommendations that help you strengthen the security of your Google Account. It also includes tips to keep you safer across the web.

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