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Congress still under estimates the under currents of Art. 370 Newsखबर. Dated: 8/13/2019 5:58:51 PM | No. of Hits 132

Congress still under estimates the under currents of Art. 370.”

Apropos to the news item published in a section of press titled “Azad hails citizens for raising voice against discrimination with J&K” the Members of Movement for Peace, Equality & Justice in a press release issued here have expressed great surprise & wonder as to why they fail to understand the impact of abrogation of Art.370 & 35-A on the minds of people of the country in General & the people of J&K in particular. The release asked Mr. Azad to recount the happiness on the faces of Balmiki Smaj, the Refugees who have suffered over the last 72 years. Why does he not understand the inhuman & unprecedented treatment and forcible exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from valley- the environment created by Congress & successive corrupt state governments in the J&K. Mere statements issued by some Party workers or sympathizers of NC, PDP or Congress do not speak the real picture of the society and therefore Congress must read the writings on the wall and wake up to the present mood of the public which has already been shown to them during 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Why Congress is irritated for the historic decision which they could not do during last 72 years, the statement questioned? The statement further said that no doubt, the people of Jammu & Kashmir are not happy with removal of state status & subjecting them to UT but they have hope in the dispensation that their position will be restored in due course of time as promised by Prime Minister & the Union Home Minister. The memory of Congress days when they misused election commission, Judiciary-the Allahabad High Court verdict of 1995, CBI, State Accountability Commission 2002 making it toothless, 1984 riots etc are still fresh in the minds of the people of state.

They appealed the general masses not to get misled by these Parties who have lost their ground and trying to regain it by exploiting the sentiments of the poor people of state & also not believe in fabricated and motivated news. They have welcomed the historical decision of Modi Government for abrogation of Art. 370 & 35-A as it is the need of the hour for peace, national security & integration & also for the equitable development of all the three regions & rural & urban areas of the state. It is also soothing not irritating, that we have now, all over India, ONE VIDHAN, ONE NISHAN & ONE PARDHAN spreading a sense of oneness & complete integration of whole country. They elaborated that with the abrogation of so called bridge Article, clear message gone to the stone pelters, anti-nationals, Pak sympathizers, vested interests, black mailing elements who simply ground their own axe at the cost of National interests. How heartening was the scene when so called AZADI seekers used to kick our Army personnel’s ,in uniform with weapons in their hands, on their back who could not retaliate for fear of human rights violations! They said and added that it was the appropriate time to strike entirely in National interest.

They said that no Hindu, Muslim, Bodh, Sikh & Christian is safe in this corrupt & caste based political system & it is the prime duty of every responsible citizen of the state to work unitedly irrespective of caste, colour or creed & region or religion to expose all the traditional political parties who are responsible of unrest in the state. They said that they are not saviour of democratic Institutions or Art.370 or 35-A, but are the real killers of these Institutions & they have simply exploited the sentiments of people in the garb of Art. 370 & 35-A to enhance their political interests. The real beneficiaries are only few Political families, politicians & bureaucrats. Why no implementation of constitutional amendment no 73 & 74 to empower the Panchyati Raj Institutions in the interest of the poor people of the state? Why six years term for Assembly in the State contrary to other states in the country? Why no de-limitation of Assembly & Lok Sabha seats in the light of Art. 370 which allows them to do so? Why no rights to refugees of 1947, 1965 & 1971 ? Is it not the misuse of article 370 they questioned? We have to discard all these spent forces in whatever colour they come before the masses, they said.

They have also appealed to His Excellency the Governor of the State to conduct enquiry of all the beneficiaries of Roshni Act in the state & take action against those who have misused their power & grabbed huge state & Forest land by taking benefit of Roshni Act in the state

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